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A List of Super Bowl Winners/Playoff Participants who’ve been arrested/summoned for violence against women in the Goodell Era

I couldn’t find a list of players who were given bonuses of extra money by the NFL for excelling at their sport, who also have had legal intervention into their confrontations with a woman, so I used USA Today’s Player Arrest Database and compiled it myself.


* = participated in a playoff game, or has a Super Bowl ring despite not playing

+ = Out of the NFL)

Ray Rice

Ray McDonald

William Moore*

Adam “Pacman” Jones*

Greg Hardy*

A.J. Jefferson*

Amari Spievey*+

Leroy Hill**

Bryan Thomas*+

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson+

Erik Walden

Julian Edelman

Chris Cook*

Ryan McBean*+

Brandon Underwood*+

Albert Haynesworth*+

Will Smith+

Phillip Merling*+

Tony McDaniel

Jermaine Phillips*+

Richard Quinn*+

Shawne Merriman*+

Quinn Ojinnaka*+

Anthony Mix*+

Larry Johnson*+

Willie Andrews+

Michael Boley +

Ahmad Brooks

Kalvin Pearson*+

Rocky Bernard+

Cedrick Wilson*+

James Harrison+ (just retired)

Fabian Washington*+

Daniel Graham*+

Najeh Davenport*+

Jeremy Bridges*+

Justin Miller*+ (swung at a man but hit a woman)

Donte Whitner

Randy Starks*