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one month clean, still a cool teen.

hi hello i have been sober for one month and it is fine. only some parts have been hard, specifically the times i’ve had to stay in the house and miss out on a few events that i really wish i could’ve attended. i like diet coke a lot, and i don’t think i’ve gotten more boring. i still smoke weed because i’m not a NARC and i don’t go to meetings because i haven’t yet felt the need to. i don’t judge anyone who goes about sobriety/drinking in their own way, and i am happy to report that nobody has judged me for my decision, or the way i’ve gone about enacting it. i feel generally happier, i’ve lost some weight in my tits, and my wallet is very happy. after doing some math, a conservative estimate is that i’m saving around 7-800 bucks a month. i know, that is a lot of money. thanks to everyone who has stuck with me and offered their support. to be honest i’m mostly doing this for my klout score so please ‘like’ this, also: benghazi. oh and as long as you are reading, let’s turn this vulnerable admission into some top notch promoting— please come to BABE ISLAND — ST GERMAIN, ERSKINE, NOW WITH GUY BRANUM on tuesday and let’s celebrate my new life by being dumb idiots together. i love you, i am done numbing myself, and i am beginning to love me too. ok one more time because what i just wrote was very difficult for me to share: benghazi. book me on your comedy shows, bye.